Reagan’s good idea: Move primary to June


It didn’t come up in this week’s debate, but in Michele Reagan’s plan for the secretary of state, there is a good idea I’ve long tub-thumped for: moving Arizona’s primary election to June. Arizona’s primary used to be in early September. The county recorders lobbied to move it to late August, to give them more …

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Michele Reagan was right on election reforms

Michele Reagan Arizona Republic

—Paul Ryan, Fountain Hills In its emphatic primary endorsement of Michele Reagan as secretary of state, The Arizona Republic stated the following: “In 2013, Reagan put together a sensible, serious-minded package of election-law reforms with the help of all 15 Arizona county election directors, Democrats and Republicans alike.” Now, those reforms, which include a cleanup of outdated …

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Do you know what it’s really about?

Friends, There is a movement in Arizona to challenge HB2305, the very important legislation that enables elections officials to address the very valid concerns of Arizonans. Last November, Arizona faced near-crisis in counting ballots. This was primarily due to the enormous number of Provisional ballots cast at the polls, and the number of Early Ballots …

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