In the second decade of the 21st century, there is no reason Arizonans should have to come to the state Capitol, stand in line to pass a piece of paper across the counter and go home with that same piece of paper stamped “Approved” in order to move their business forward.

I share Gov. Doug Ducey’s appreciation for leveraging private sector-leadership to identify solutions for Arizona’s challenges.

That’s why, in February 2016, as Arizona’s second-highest elected official, chief elections officer and de facto lieutenant governor, I doubled down on my commitment to government efficiency and accountability by forming my Secretary’s Technology, Transparency and Commerce Council.

I tapped my close friend, Rodney Glassman, to serve as co-chair. As an attorney, former Tucson city councilman and appointed town manager of Cave Creek, Rodney has built a strong reputation for advising some of Arizona’s most well-respected business and community leaders.

Together, we developed a diverse group of leaders, including the executive vice president of the knowledge enterprise at Arizona State University; director of cybersecurity at Raytheon Missile Systems; managing partner of Red Development; and the presidents of Mobile Mini, Universal Technical Institute, Phoenix International Raceway, Knight Transportation, Artesyn Embedded Technologies and the Brewer Companies.

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