Sen. Michele Reagan Keep Our Election Integrity

I am pleased to report to you that Arizona Senate has passed an important bill modernizing the business of gathering political petitions. You know my commitment to enhancing the integrity of our elections while working every day to make it easier for citizens to cast their vote. This bill, HB 2107, accomplishes both those goals. The …

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Michele Reagan upset after gift ban stalls

PHOENIX — Arizona Senate President Andy Biggs held a bill Wednesday that would have prevented state lawmakers from accepting free tickets to sports games and other events. The bill passed the Senate Elections Committee, but Biggs claims he held it from coming to a full Senate vote because it had technical problems. The bill’s sponsor, …

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Ariz. legislators resist Reagan gift ban

Arizona Capitol

Mary Jo Pitzl, The Republic | Last year was a busy travel year for state lawmakers, with trade missions to Mexico and Azerbaijan, educational trips and journeys to conferences, state records show. But at least nine lawmakers did not disclose free trips, despite a requirement in state law to report any gift worth $500 …

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Why the dark money debate matters

Dark Money

David R. Berman, AZ I See It Berman: Dark money in campaigns is influential, not about to go away Dark money. The name itself carries ominous undertones that critics of this relatively new campaign-finance phenomenon claim reflect a genuine threat to democracy. Its defenders, on the other hand, argue that the dark-money approach to funding …

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